Government opposes racism

Government promotes unity and peaceful social media use

Government slams the rebirth of racist posts on social media platforms. The unpleasant Facebook and Twitter posts have become rife and have caused tension in society. Government views these unpleasant posts as unconstitutional and provocative to South Africans.

Government Communication Information Systems

This happens after the country commemorated Human Rights Day. Acting GCIS Director General, Donald Liphoko has promised that government will deal with perpetrators. He said even employers should prevent racism incidents and not let it define this country’s future.


Racism ruins lives

Zuma’s sentiments on racism

Social media users are urged to act against racism and become responsible, law abiders. President Jacob Zuma felt that the racism ideology remained firmly entrenched among some in our population and it represented despicable human rights violations.

Racism victims will have to open a case at their nearest police station. They should alternatively lodge a complaint at the South African Human Rights Commission and Equality Courts.

The Department of Justice is finalising the National Action Plan against Racism and Related Intolerances. The plan is expected to be remedial to toughen the battle against racism and related intolerances. Further to this, the enactment of the prevention of hate crimes and hate speech Bill will criminalize hate crimes and hate speech.

Constitution promotes social cohesion

Social media use is a type of publication and perpetrators will be held accountable for posting such tweets. South Africa is a democratic country, governed by the constitution and the rule of law applies and all who live within its borders should be promoting social cohesion and a peaceful living. Government values freedom of expression but is opposes racism.

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